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Listed in order from most to least recent:

  • Back-end: PHP
  • Front-end: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Database: MySQL
  • APIs used: PayPal IPN
  • Code libraries: jQuery UI, jQuery AutoComplete
    • The Diman 2000 Reunion sign-up site was created to allow for graduates of the class of 2000 of my high school to sign up, RSVP, and pay a fee for attendance (to cover costs). It features an auto-complete feature where alumni would type in their name (as it was in 2000) and choose their name from a list afer 3 characters were typed.

      Once the name was selected, the alumnus could then RSVP. If the response was “yes”, the alumnus could choose whether he or she was bringing a plus-one, and then proceed to PayPal to pay the fee, which was deposited into the account of the person setting up the event (our valedictorian).