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Listed in order from most to least recent:

  • Back-end: PHP
  • Front-end: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Database: MySQL
  • APIs used: Google Maps
  • jQuery plugins: JCrop, Lightbox, Google Maps jQuery Plugin, Validation, jEditable, EasyCharCounter, Alerts, Cycle, plus a custom jQuery plugin

Dine Best For Less is a site for restaurant owners (“Vendors”) and potential customers to connect. Vendors have their own profile pages, with the ability to add multiple locations to their profile. Each profile page comes with a picture gallery [04] (using the Lightbox plugin), menus (uploaded images/PDFs, or using the built-in system [13]), events & entertainment listings, recipes, directions [03] (using the Google Maps API), and promotions listings.

Users can search for restaurants within a certain radius of any location [02] using the Google Maps API along with the Google Maps jQuery Plugin by Shawn Mayzes (with whom I have been in contact to help improve his plugin). Restaurants are also listed by location and by cuisine category [05] using hashtag navigation similar to what Twitter uses (utlizing the “#” character in the URL and JavaScript to load new content without leaving the page).

The administrative area [06] is very versatile with full Vendor management [07] and pop-up edit forms [08] for most screens. New Vendors can be added quickly [09]. The Administrator can also log in as any Vendor [11] and utilize the same menus that Vendors use when they are logged in.

The Vendor administrative area [11] is equally as versatile and feature-packed, with easy-to-use management and editing capabilities. The built-in menu creation suite [13] is highly intuitive and extremely user-friendly with the ability to drag-and-drop menu items and menu sections (right column) for quick and instant re-ordering and organization. Values are edited within the page, never leaving the page to submit the data (thanks to the jEditable plugin), and updating the data immediately.

Vendors can also upload or replace their logo(s) [14] with the easy-to-use image uploading tool. Thanks to the JCrop plugin, uploaded images can be cropped before finalized and resized to a standard size for use on the site.

NOTE: There are several errors present throughout the site (e.g. the URL redirection and SSL certificate); however I do not currently have access to the site in order to fix them.