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Listed in order from most to least recent:

  • Back-end: PHP
  • Front-end: CSS; JavaScript (simple mouse-over for menu)
  • Database: MySQL

Glimpse was my first freelance project, and is a site that I'm still proud of to this day.

Howard French is an associate professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he teaches journalism and photography. He had contacted me, through a mutual friend, to design and develop a web site that was to be simplistic and minimalistic, yet elegant and striking.

The front page features a sample of Mr. French's photography, and can be changed via an administration panel, which also controls News items, administrates user comments, and at once time controlled gallery images and descriptions.

The site at one time featured a built-in store with fully-functioning shopping cart, customization of product (print size, etc.), and a choice checkout system powered by either PayPal and Google Checkout.

The Comments section allows users to write short posts that are displayed on the site. These can be moderated via the administration panel.

(Note: The Flash gallery system that is currently up is not my own work. That was added after my work on the site.)