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Listed in order from most to least recent:

  • Back-end: ASP
  • Front-end: CSS
  • Database: MS Access (mdb)

I worked on RI Casting for John Flanders Internet Consulting, who contracted me to develop the administrative back-end to the site.

The admin area for RI Casting has a multitude of features needed for managing talent, clients, and job opportunities. One of these features allows the owner to add, edit and delete job openings, as well as notify specific talent of individual jobs. Step 1 involves searching for talent by criteria (gender, age, ethnicity, etc.). Step 2 allows for specific talent to be de-selected from the list of recipients. The third and final step sends a message, written by the owner, to the selected talent.

The admin area also allows the owner to search for talent by criteria in order to edit or delete talent entries. Talent can also be added to the database.

(I worked on a similar project for the same client months later, which is very similar to this one. It was for Studio 1 Casting Service.)