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Listed in order from most to least recent:

  • Back-end: PHP (modified MediaWiki)
  • Front-end: CSS, JavaScript
  • Database: MySQL

The Star Trek Online Wiki was a website I developed as a personal project, in anticipation of the then-upcoming MMORPG game Star Trek Online. The wiki uses the MediaWiki software as the core, and the “Cavendish” skin as a basis. The skin was then heavily modified beyond the point of recognition; the current design looks little to nothing like the original Cavendish skin.

Title fonts are embedded using cross-browser compatible @font-face CSS and font files, and match those used in the game itself. The front page utilizes JavaScript for collapsible content boxes (such as “Beginners’ Section”), as well as posts from the official @STOwiki Twitter page.

Various graphics found on the wiki were designed by myself, and I developed many of the page templates in use across similar pages on the wiki. Due to popular demand, I also designed a secondary skin aimed at better readability, with text and graphics on a light background.

Full force was put behind the marketing for the STO Wiki, including the aforementioned Twitter account, a one-time affiliation with Killer Guides, and a concerted effort with other fans of the wiki in promoting the site, including helpful posts on the official game's message boards, mentioning the wiki in-game, and starting a fleet (known as a “guild” in many other MMORPGs) dedicated to updating and promoting the wiki.

In January 2010, Curse.com approached me and offered to pay me for the site, as well as a monthly wage to continue updating and maintaining the wiki while marketing it as a Curse.com-affiliated fan site. The contract was terminated in August 2010, while the site remains in their ownership.