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Listed in order from most to least recent:

  • Back-end: PHP
  • Front-end: CSS, JavaScript & jQuery
  • Database: MySQL
  • APIs used: WowHead.com
  • Code libraries: jQuery UI, jQuery Validation

WoW Geeks is a World of Warcraft fansite with various guides written for players of the game. The information for each guide was obtained through research from WowHead, which collects information such as the probability of a given item being dropped by certain in-game enemies.

The Food Guide in particular features the ability to type in a specific raw food item name, and display a list of food items that match (see #3). Once selected, the page reloads and displays only recipes made using the specified food item (see #4).

The login and registration pages (see #5) feature client-side and server-side validation (in case JavaScript is turned off, thereby disabling the client-side validation). The same font used within World of Warcraft (Fritz) is displayed on the site using cross-browser compatible @font-face declaration. Item information pop-up boxes (see #6) are handled directly by the WowHead API, which utilizes JavaScript to display the pop-up information.

Future additions to the site will include a tool that lets users organize and track collections of various items found in the game, as well as the ability to assign these collections to different game characters, managed from within the user’s account settings page (or during the account sign-up process).