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Richard Brum

I attended the New England Institute of Technology and earned an Associate Degree in Multimedia & Web Design Technology. There, I learned the ins and outs of web design and development, from basic HTML and programming, to dynamic HTML and CSS, to database structure, to advanced PHP and ASP techniques and methods.

From there, I started working for parsonsKellogg LLC, a company based near East Providence, Rhode Island. I honed my skills there, and was responsible for a diverse number of tasks including photography of merchandise, design of virtual proofs, development of online stores, production of print and online catalogs and flyers, and recreation of logos in vector format.

Ocassionally I work as an independent contractor either as a freelancer, or for John Flanders Internet Consulting, based in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. I take on projects both small and large in scale, utilizing PHP (and sometimes ASP if I am altering existing code). I have created company web sites and search-based web sites, and I have been involved in the maintenance and alteration of online stores.

In 2010 I created STO Wiki, a wiki for the game Star Trek Online, which was purchased from me by Curse.com, who paid me for eight months to continue to administrate and maintain the wiki.

I worked for BZ Results from Oct 2010–Aug 2011 as a contractor doing web design (mainly CSS) for auto dealership sites, using their proprietary content management system. This year, from May–August, I worked for Nokia’s Pulse project, a social networking site available for both the desktop and mobile web.

I am experienced in HTML5, HTML/XHTML, PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, MySQL, and jQuery, and have extensive expertise with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and a basic working knowledge of Adobe Flash. I am familiar with the MVC framework and Object-Oriented Programming.

As the great Brick Tamland said, “I love LAMP!” I'm sure he was talking about the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP stack. I love LAMP, too, Brick.


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I adhere to the Zend Framework standards for PHP coding and naming conventions.