Richard J. Brum

460 Highland Ave.
Westport, MA 02790
P: 508.558.3213


To utilize my skills in (and passion for) web development in a career position that will help me grow in the field and expand my knowledge and experience.

Professional Experience

Virgin Pulse (formerly ShapeUp)
Providence, RI

Software Developer

  • Repaired defects on proprietary PHP MVCS framework.
  • Sole developer on Profile Page refactor & redesign, and refactor of one of the core competition types (“Last One Standing”).
  • Built new admin tools for other teams; fixed up existing admin tools.
  • Completed platform initiatives through entire life cycle.
  • Worked as part of team in Participant Support Engineering (formerly Sustaining Engineering) to aide in Participant Support team needs, assisting in customer-reported defects and glitches.

Boston, MA

Web UI Developer, Pulse

  • Repaired defects occurring in the Pulse user interface and experience (UX).
  • Created guided tour slideshow on welcome page using jQuery.
  • Developed interstitial page for users visiting from a Facebook post, isolating public Pulse information allowed for exposure.
  • Maintained Ruby on Rails MVC framework, learning both Ruby and MVC with no previous experience, and catching up quickly to become a valued member of the team.

ADP (formerly BZ Results)
Coventry, RI

Web Design Contractor

  • Created and maintained auto dealership websites using the Cobalt proprietary CMS backend.
  • Ensured sites conform to brand specifications when required.
  • Worked alongside sales and customer service departments to meet client expectations.
  • Utilized extensive CSS to create intuitive user interfaces & structure site layout and organization to custom standards.

Curse Entertainment

Founder & Programmer, STO Wiki

  • Designed and developed the Star Trek Online Wiki, which then purchased.
  • Developed using the MediaWiki platform (PHP), JavaScript & extensive CSS on a LAMP stack.
  • Paid monthly by to continue maintaining and updating the wiki.
  • Gathered interview questions for the Executive Producer of STO for exclusive features on the wiki.
  • Heavily modified MediaWiki PHP files and pre-made skin to match site layout to Star Trek overall style and theme.
  • Intense research and experimentation went into populating needed information on wiki.
  • Work on STO Wiki was 80% alteration of CSS layout, 20% PHP alteration and customization.

parsonsKellogg, LLC
Rumford, RI

Web Designer & Developer

  • Designed user interfaces for custom web stores using pre-made code framework — ASP, PHP, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator (CS3).
  • Heavily altered pre-made ASP VBScript code for online web stores to fit individual client's needs, on Microsoft IIS platform.
  • Designed, programmed, and maintained client websites & online stores (ASP.NET).
  • Responsible for creation and maintenance of company's online catalog using PHP (no longer in use).
  • Reproduced logos and artwork in EPS vector format (from raster JPG sources).
  • Created virtual mock-ups of products with client's logo shown realistically, in Photoshop.
  • (Special Case) Nike Golf/TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Gift Card — Created stores mimicking TaylorMade/Nike Golf's own Flash-based user interface, layout and functionality using only ASP, CSS, and JavaScript.


New England Institute of Technology
Warwick, RI
  • Degree: Associate in Science (AS) – Multimedia & Web Design Technology
  • Subjects: Flash, Digital Photography, Vector Graphics, Starting & Running a Small Business, MySQL Database Management, ASP, PHP, Programming Fundamentals, Writing Project Proposals.



Key Skills

  • Programming: PHP 5, HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3), JavaScript (jQuery), SQL, AJAX, MVC framework (CodeIgniter, proprietary). Expert in cross-browser/platform compatibility, knowledgeable in basic SEO..
  • DBMS: MySQL 5.0+, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • APIs: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps, MediaWiki, GeoIP.
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Microsoft Office, Sublime Text.
  • Other Skills: Database configuration; ability to be thrown into a project head-first and catch up within a week; eagerness and desire to learn new skills; flexibility in working individually or as part of team; ability to multi-task; thriving in quick-paced working environment; keen eye for precise detail in work. Experience with Mac, Windows (IIS, WAMP), and Linux (LAMP).


Game design & development; audio & video editing; meme composition; freelance experience; UI design & UX; reticulating splines.


Available upon request.